Digital Inspections & Compliance For Scaffolding.

A customisable and scalable solution for managing everyday inspections and ensuring compliance.
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EZICHEQ Application


The Platform.

Save time, money, and resources. Streamline compliance, boost safety, and improve performance with EZICHEQ's cloud-based platform and real-time insights.

Data Accuracy
Minimise the risk of inspection errors and lost data that often occurs with traditional inspection processes.

Daily & Handover Checks Simplified
Craft custom safety checks for various needs. Effortlessly manage scaffold handovers with signature-supported sign-offs, ensuring smooth handover operations.

Robust Compliance
Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with accurate digital records and attach documentation to support checks and status.

Real-time Insights & Reports
Access vital data and generate reports from audits.
Make informed decisions on the fly, boosting productivity and responsiveness.

Streamlined Efficiency
Boost efficiency through digital inspections, enabling seamless, paper-free processes and instant data retrieval.

Significant Cost Savings
Cut overhead costs linked with paper-based processes: printing, filing, and staff administration expenses.

Three-in-One Solution.
Bridging the Gap Between Site & Office Operations.

Conduct Inspections

Digitise paper-based procedures for daily inspections, certified checks, and managing handover processes.

Manage Compliance

Insights allow for greater compliance oversight with the ability to manage accurate records.

Track Assets

No more manual tracking. Effortlessly manage an accurate asset register with digital inspections.

Streamline Process. Digitise Paperwork.


Site Overview


Site Audits


Attach Site Information


Operational Oversight

A Solution For Temporary Works Management.

Complete Site Register

Organise and manage all essential details electronically with EZICHEQ, from location to inspection records, certifications, and more.

Centralised Data

Scan for instant access to public or user-only information on EZICHEQ. Identify current status and verify with available documentation.

Instant Alerts & Reports

Triggers alerts for failed inspections, prompting remediation. Automatically send customer reports upon check completion.

Site History

Create evidence-based records with EZICHEQ, including photos and notes supported by timestamps and geolocation for inspection verification.

Certified & Daily Checks

Assign multiple checklists on EZICHEQ to empower inspectors and contractors for daily checks and site safety management.

Handover Process

Streamline handover with EZICHEQ's systematic checklist and evidence-based data. Obtain client signatures on-site for smooth sign-off.



EZICHEQ Application

Management Tool
For Oversight.

EZICHEQ provides a new level of visibility and accountability for scaffolding operations. Using operational trends and insights, management can quickly address safety and compliance issues. Ensure operational procedures are consistently followed to meet good practice guidelines.  


Real-time insights on EZICHEQ's dashboard prevent minor issues from escalating, allowing proactive management


Segment operational data for major clients with EZICHEQ's divisions feature, ensuring relevant information access for each.

High Risk Items & Assets

Effortlessly manage high-risk items on EZICHEQ. Instantly check status, last check, location, inspection details, and responsible staff.

User Certifications

Coordinate staff certifications on EZICHEQ. Control user access based on qualifications, ensuring compliance and safety standards

EZICHEQ Application

Just Got Easier.

Scan EZICHEQ smart labels to initiate tailored checks, whether it's for daily, certified, or handover tasks. Capture photos, comments, signatures, and more to maintain meticulous records with accurate past data. With cloud-based data, accessing past records and managing current records is effortless.

Digital Inspections

Capture data easily, including photos and notes. With timestamps and geolocation, create evidence-based records.


Ensure data accuracy and manage protocols with daily, certified, and handover checks with signature sign-off.

Quick & Easy

Seamless transition to digital inspections using smartphones, eliminating the need for extra equipment or paperwork.

EZICHEQ Application

Never Miss
Critical Inspections.

Easily track scaffold and equipment locations, monitor statuses with a simple traffic light system. Efficiently plan daily inspection travel routes using Google Maps integration. Never overlook a critical inspection again.

Status Oversight

Get a full operational overview on EZICHEQ. Simplify compliance with visibility into jobsite statuses, equipment, and assets.

Schedule Routes

EZICHEQ makes urgent inspections seamless. Identify items on the map and generate travel routes effortlessly from your location.

Protection & Oversight

EZICHEQ provides unparalleled client oversight. Never miss critical inspections again with our comprehensive management tools.

Asset Registry

Effortlessly oversee company assets with EZICHEQ. Gain clarity on location, status and maintenance history for effective management.

EZICHEQ Application

Custom Checklist
Standardised Checks.

Create tailored checklists to collect operational data and to manage any type of item. Ensure consistency, clarity, and thoroughness in all types of checks with a standardised framework for managing accurate logs and producing thorough reporting.

Dynamic Checklists

Utilise conditional logic for responsive checklists, showing/hiding tasks based on input

Alerts & Reminders

Set custom alerts and reminders based on checklist conditions for quick issue resolution.

Automated Reports

Create automated reports from all custom checklists. Say goodbye to manual report writing and lost records.

80+ Checklist Templates

Access industry-recommended checklists from the EZICHEQ library for Scaffolding and Construction tasks.

EZICHEQ Application

Elevating Scaffolding 

EZICHEQ sets a new standard of service with providing unparalleled transparency and oversight for users and clients. Customise the platform by integrating other software solutions to help manage operations. Take your scaffolding business to new heights with EZICHEQ.

Total Transparency

Offer complete transparency and oversight with EZICHEQ, setting a new service standard and elevating client value.

Software Integration

Integrate with other apps seamlessly on EZICHEQ. Connect with Xero for automatic invoicing upon inspection completion.

Better Management

Feedback loops enhance proficiency. Deliver high-quality scaffolds, fewer rebuilds, and successful projects for satisfied clients.


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