Manage Assets.

Managing company assets and tracking their whereabouts, and replacement costs due to poor maintenance and servicing can burden businesses of all sizes.

EZICHEQ offers a great asset management solution to help you manage this. Explore our 'Savings Calculator' to reveal potential savings with having EZICHEQ implemented in your business.

Savings Calculator


Our pricing plans have been crafted to strike a balance between affordability and user-friendliness.
We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, and our platform is tailored to be a team-friendly solution.


GST Exclusive
Kick Start with 100 Items
Additional 20c per Item Over 100
  • Dashboard Overview
    Create Custom Checklists
  • Assign One Checklist Per Item
  • Unlimited Users & Roles
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Automated Reports
    Customer Service & Support


Unlimited Items
All Features Plus
  • Custom Development
    Create Divisions
    Customer Success
  • Bulk Upload Asset Register
  • Upload Checklist Register
  • Tailored Training Programs

Please note: On top of the monthly subscription fee, there is an initial setup cost associated with the print and supply of smart labels for your items that you wish to manage.

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