EZICHEQ can help you monitor all your critically high risk tools and working environments in real-time for complete peace of mind.
We offer a simple digital solution that will reduce personal liability for education providers offering programmes such as trade academies and technology.
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EZICHEQ Application


The Platform.

A customisable and scalable platform to manage assets and ensure compliance.
  • Manage assets and identify its operational status and history.
  • Monitor and track asset movements and locations.
  • Ensure assets are fit for purpose and safe for student use.
  • Identify what needs to be checked by who and when.
Create and assign custom checklists for various types of inspections, maintenance, as well as create competency checks and more. We provide an all-in-one asset and compliance management tool to minimise incidents and simplify
Health & Safety.

Three-in-One Solution.

Asset Management

A live asset management registry with sign in/out capabilities, status checks, track inventory, movements, and more.

Digital Competence

Create records for completed training for high-risk tools and equipment.
A digital passport stores all information.

Compliance Oversight

Gain complete oversight over compliance checks of equipment,  environments, competence, and more.

EZICHEQ Application

Asset ChecksEasy.

Manage any type of item from tools, machinery, equipment and even high-risk work environments. Assign an EZICHEQ smart label to an item or area and configure the required checklists to manage the item and gain real-time insights.

Assign Checklists

Create/assign custom responsive checklists to any item type.

Alerts & Reminders

Set custom alerts and reminders based on checklist conditions for quick issue resolution.

Attach Files

Attach photos, documents, files and links to company items for centralised access.

User Management

Allow user credentials to only access specific information and or checks.

EZICHEQ Application

Asset Management

Easily track valuable assets on a live registry.
Monitor status with a simple traffic light system, identify locations and more. The EZICHEQ sign-in/sign-out features enable users to track asset movements and manage movement of tools and items. Consolidate item information and safety checks in one area.

Status Oversight

Easily spot status of items with a simple traffic light system. Green as safe and red being critical.

Asset Locations

Identify and pinpoint assets and items to a physical location.

Protection & Oversight

Never miss a critical check. Keep tools, machinary and work spaces compliant at all times.

Simple & Easy

A simple tool that anyone can use to manage safety and compliance. No more paperwork!

Who has my equipment?

A simple tool to help with a common problem.

EZICHEQ Application

Competency & Checks

Managing competencies and logging training records is easier than ever with EZICHEQ. During practical sessions, students complete tool competency checks, creating an automatic paper trail. Teachers then sign off on these checks, creating records in their digital passports. Students can access self-checks after completing basic competencies to reinforce good habits, reminders and boost confidence with tools.

A Digital 

Competency data forms a digital passport with records that include date, time, and sign-off details. This allows students to maintain unlimited records, demonstrating their skills and knowledge. These records provide essential evidence for apprenticeship applications, employment in trades, and completing trade-based paperwork.
EZICHEQ Application

Digital Competencies

Create custom competency checklists for various items. Add checks, photos, notes and more.

Automatic Records

Streamline competency reporting. Digital records prevent lost data. Access records anywhere anytime.

Reduce Liability

Reduce personal liability for staff with records proving student competence in the event of an accident.

Just Simply Notice.

EZICHEQ Application


EZICHEQ offers unparalleled visibility for teaching staff, management, boards, and stakeholders in educational operations. Our tools save time, money, and resources by efficiently managing assets and proactively identifying compliance issues, preventing them from escalating into bigger problems.


The dashboard provides real-time insights to monitor activities and quickly identify compliance issues.


Gain greater compliance oversight with divisions for different rooms, subjects and environments.  

Identify & Mitigate

Spot missed checks promptly to maintain tool and equipment condition.


Regular tool and environment checks ensure safe, compliant workspaces.

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