EZICHEQ is the perfect customisable solution to streamline processes and digitise paperwork.
Digital inspections, asset and compliance management made easy.


Where the age-old problem of managing assets and ensuring regulatory compliance is a thing of the past.

EZICHEQ is an all-in-one solution that transforms the way businesses stay in control of their valuable items and manage safety. Effortlessly monitor and track any item you desire. Create custom checklists and receive real-time alerts, and generate automated reports with notes and photos to streamline inspection and compliance processes, boosting productivity and efficiency. Upload PDF's and files about items and store it with your equipment digitally.

From construction to healthcare, hospitality to education, our versatile platform caters to multiple industries. EZICHEQ empowers businesses of all sizes, offering scalability, adaptability, and user-friendliness with simplifying operations and optimising workflows.


Based in New Zealand, our solution is fully developed in-house and we take great pride in providing dedicated customer support. Introducing our small but dynamic team of Developers and Relationship Managers. Unlike other digital solutions, our business is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Coming from a business background that has a high safety and compliance focus, our frustrations with meeting compliance and expectations lead us to developing EZICHEQ -  simple, secure and easy.

David Crowley

David Crowley

Roddy Crowley

Roddy Crowley

General Manager
Mike Dilger

Mike Dilger

Lead Software Engineer




Luke Mainwaring

Scafit LTD use EZICHEQ to cover all  bases when it comes to ensuring that their scaffolding is safe.


Johnothan Murrow

Firewise use EZICHEQ so they can access their records anywhere at anytime


Adrian McCabe

EZICHEQ developed their software so that Hireways could benefit from it's platform


Jonothan Murrow

Firewise use EZICHEQ so they can access their records anywhere at anytime.