A Safety Net Management Solution.

Precision and coordination are key in safety net management. Introducing EZICHEQ: Your digital ally for seamless monitoring, identifying, and managing safety nets. With additional comprehensive testing services, we've got you covered with safety net management.
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We provide you the tools to help you prove 'fit for purpose'.

Net Inspections

Digitise daily, certified, handover net inspections from paper to digital.

Net Compliance

Gain compliance oversight with insights. Maintain accurate records for audits.

Net Managment

Track nets' locations, conditions, and history. Ditch spreadsheets, paperwork.

Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets.

Complete Register

Organise and manage electronically all essential net information from net location, installation date, relevant compliance history, and more.

Centralised Data

Scan to access either public and or user only information. Identify current net status and prove 'fit for purpose with available documentation.

Instant Alerts & Reports

Failed inspections and daily checks trigger alerts to action remediation processes. Automatically send customers reports upon completion.

Site History

Create evidence based records with photos and notes that are supported with timestamps and geolocation.

Certified & Daily Checks

Assign custom checklists. Empower contractors to conduct daily safety net checks and provide feedback to manage overall site safety.

Handover Process

Reduce problems during the handover process with a systematic checklist and records. Obtain clients signature on-site for sign-off.

Saftey Net Testing

Ensure your safety nets meet industry safety standards effortlessly with EZICHEQ. Our rigorous testing process leaves no room for error, identifying potential weaknesses and providing your business with comprehensive records. Easily manage your net inventory and cross-reference tested nets for quick identification. Plus, enjoy complimentary testing for all EZICHEQ Premium customers.

Testing Standards

Surpasses NZ Safety Standards
with BS EN 1263-1

Accurate Records

Manage inventory with detailed records of testing history.

Easy Identification

Quick identification and
clear reports.

Complimentary Testing

Sign-up to EZICHEQ Premium and gain Net Testing for free.

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EZICHEQ Application

EZICHEQ Platform
Provides Oversight.

EZICHEQ enhances visibility and accountability with managing high risk item such as safety nets. As a business you gain unparallel oversight to ensure daily operations align with good practice guidelines.  


Real-time insights empower proactive management.


Segment exclusive information for major clients with divisions.

High Risk Items

Effortlessly manage all high items with ease.


Set custom alerts for audits, maintenance checks, and more.

Digital Checks

Ensure data accuracy and manage safety protocols.

Quick & Easy

Seamless transition to digital inspections using smartphones.

EZICHEQ Application

Digital Checklists For
Standardised Checks.

Create tailored checklists to collect operational data from net installations. Set-up a standardised framework for installation as well as client handover processes. Create checklists for safety nets, assets, equipment and much more.

Digital Inspections

Capture data with photos, notes, timestamps and geolocation.

Dynamic Checklists

Set conditional logic for responsive checklists.

Automated Reports

Say goodbye to manual report writing and lost records.

80+ Checklist Templates

Access wide range of industry-recommended checklists.

EZICHEQ Application

Never Miss

Easily track safety net locations, monitor net status with a simple traffic light system. Efficiently plan daily inspection routes. Never overlook a critical inspection again for clients.

Status Oversight

EZICHEQ traffic light system enables easy identification of safe and unsafe safety nets.

Schedule Routes

Generate a travel route from your current location for managing net inspections.


Gain unparalleled oversight over clients. Never miss a critical net inspection again.

Asset Registry

Stay on top of safety net status, maintenance checks, and locations.

EZICHEQ Application

Elevating Safety Net 

EZICHEQ sets a new standard of service with providing unparalleled transparency and oversight for users and clients. Customise the platform by integrating other software solutions to help manage operations. Take your scaffolding business to new heights with EZICHEQ.

Total Transparency

Add value to clients. Offer complete transparency and enhanced oversight with safety nets on jobsites for compliance.

Software Integration

Easily connect with other software applications i.e. connect with Xero for automatic invoicing upon completed inspections.

Better Management

Feedback loops elevate operational efficiency, resulting in high-quality service and safety management


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