Manage Temporary Works: Introducing EZICHEQ & EZITAG

In the dynamic landscape of the scaffolding and construction industry, EZICHEQ remains an innovative solution for the effective management of safety and compliance. But what exactly is EZICHEQ?

Create client specific or regional divisions to identify site and safety progress in a segmented manner.

What is EZICHEQ?

In simple terms, EZICHEQ transforms digital inspections into powerful and actionable insights. This platform, crafted by the industry for the industry, delivers enhanced visibility and accountability. Management can now take more notice of what is happening, but more importantly what is not, with all aspects of operations.

Industry Problems

As a whole, the industry confronts several challenges. The conventional practice of managing data related to the status of structures, including inspections, compliance, and overall health and safety (H&S), heavily relies on manual paper-based processes and tags. This approach, often overseen by multiple staff, can lead to significant gaps and non-compliance of WorkSafe Good Practice Guidelines (GPG). If any part of the entire chain fails to complete their role, the current process is bottlenecked, marked by inefficiency, inaccuracy, and problematic errors.

Compounding this challenge is the difficulty of managing documents related to the Temporary Works forum (TWf). Verified visual inspections of tags and compliance documentation, including structured engineered drawings, essential H&S  information, detailed WorkSafe GPG assessments, and thorough past compliance records, are combined to prove 'fit for purpose.' However, accessing these crucial hard copy documents often falls short, with files typically located back at the office. The absence of a systematic way to collate documentation adds further complexities to overall TWf management.

EZITAG: The simple and efficient way to manage Temporary Works

EZICHEQ’s Temporary Works Solution

Managing public-facing structures and high-risk items is now simple with the EZICHEQ platform. It offers real-time data, alerts, digital checklists, and compliance history on all purpose-built structures as well as operational safety equipment. This, combined with the innovative 'EZITAG' system for managing TWf, is a game-changer for the industry.

The 'EZITAG' is a new cardless auditing system designed to simplify the management of TWf and information related to the status of structures. A key feature of the EZITAG is the centralised access point for all TWf information. A simple scan of the QR code allows anyone access to public-facing information, conduct safety checks, and review history, eliminating vulnerabilities linked to data loss and daily safety lapses.

Furthermore, EZICHEQ offers a new level of transparency and collaboration with clients and main contractors in managing site safety. Clients, project managers, main contractors, and subcontractors are now empowered to perform their required daily pre-checks and provide feedback. This allows for better feedback loops, fewer rebuilds, and the construction of safer structures from better quality control, ultimately resulting in time, cost, and resource savings.

Managing Safety & Compliance

Jonny Benbow from Nayland Scaffolding is a client of EZICHEQ. Nayland Scaffolding primarily focuses on the commercial and infrastructure sector, where the demand for comprehensive H&S procedures and stringent compliance is exceptionally high. Daily auditing of inspections and compliance is not just a requirement; it's an essential practice. “EZICHEQ has proven to be a great tool for Nayland Scaffolding. Managing multiple structures across major construction sites, the platform not only gives us complete visibility but also extends this transparency to our clients. They appreciate the accuracy and openness in our operations, often surpassing their high expectations with our digital auditing and comprehensive record-keeping,” says Jonny. Jonny also highlights the significance of EZICHEQ’s ability to track progress even when he is off-site. "Being a digital solution, I can access the data from any smart device. It provides an extra layer of peace of mind, ensuring that we are on track to deliver the contract requirements and demands of our clients''.

Integration with other Platforms?

In the current market, there are several great platforms available, each excelling in different aspects. Some are operational powerhouses, while others are great with quotes, invoicing, and time sheets. In this era of digital transformation, businesses harness the best features from multiple platforms to create a complete ecosystem tailored to address all operational pain points. EZICHEQ is designed to seamlessly integrate with other platforms via API, offering customers the ability to build their own unique system.

The Impact of EZICHEQ

Dave Crowley, the Director of Scafit and EZICHEQ, shared his thoughts on the impact of EZICHEQ on his scaffolding operations. He highlighted, "EZICHEQ has sparked a positive change, assisting our operations in so many impactful ways. Beyond just modernising our daily inspections, it has helped us elevate our safety standards through increased visibility and accountability. The shift from paper to digital processes streamlined our operations, addressing some of our daily challenges. This has perfectly aligned with our strategic focus on continually improving towards a more interdependent safety mindset."

A platform is only as good as the business processes and the overall staff buy-in. For EZICHEQ to work, it needs to have good processes in place. Dave believes in the principal "leadership shapes culture, and culture, in turn, shapes outcomes. EZICHEQ has been instrumental in helping us form a culture that not only genuinely cares for team safety but also exceeds practice guidelines. As a management tool, it provides us total visibility, enabling us to promptly identify and address safety issues. Enhancing our internal safety culture but also positively influences our interactions with external stakeholders and key clients."


As we look to the future of EZICHEQ, we have great ambitions for growth with further development, more collaborative partnerships, and a continued commitment to help the industry with managing safety and compliance. Join us as we build a safer, more efficient tomorrow with EZICHEQ at the forefront of construction innovation

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