EZICHEQ's Latest Developments & Updates

A game-changing enhancement that simplifies job site, servicing, and asset management. Highlights include Enhanced Maps View, Traffic Lights for instant clarity, advanced filtering, route planning, and automated report generation. EZICHEQ is committed to streamlining operations and simplifying management for businesses in these sectors.

At EZICHEQ, we're all about continuous improvement. Here is an overview of our latest developments:

1. Enhanced Maps View: A Bird's-Eye View of Your Operations

Picture having a tool that offers a comprehensive view of all your job sites for clients, assets, and items in one place. Well, the wait is over. Our Enhanced Maps View provides precisely that. With a single, user-friendly map interface, you can now access all your vital data at a glance. Whether you're managing one site or a hundred, this feature brings clarity and efficiency to your daily tasks.

Enhanced Maps View: A Bird's-Eye View of Your Operations

2. Traffic Lights: A Simple System for Instant Clarity

We understand the importance of distinguishing items that have been recently checked, used, or updated from the rest. That's why we've introduced a Traffic Lights system. It's as simple as green for safe and red for critical. This straightforward visual indicator provides instant clarity on the status of your items, ensuring that you never miss essential details.

3. Advanced Filtering and Refined Search: Precision at Your Fingertips

Our new Advanced Filtering feature enables you to toggle and filter your items by item type, status, or categories with precision. Need further refinement? No problem. We've added additional filters to ensure you find precisely what you need with ease. The result? An optimised workflow that saves you time and effort.

Instant Identification

4. Streamlined Operations and Instant Identification

Streamlining your operations is a breeze with the ability to select multiple items on the map. Whether you're generating reports or planning tasks, this feature ensures that your operations run smoother than ever. And, when it comes to identifying items, our system allows you to click directly on the map to quickly determine an item's type and precise location, reducing the chances of errors.

5. Last Known Location: Find Your Assets & Job Sites With Ease

Need to know the last known location of your assets? Our geolocation feature has you covered. It provides you with vital information right at your fingertips, making informed decisions easier than ever.

6. Create Automated Reports: Save Time

Generating insightful reports has never been easier. With our Create Automated Reports feature, you can automatically create reports from the checklists that have been completed for the relevant items selected, along with pictures and notes, in a report format directly from the map view. Gain a deeper understanding of your operations and make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

What's Next: Route Planning.

7. Route Planning

With this feature, you'll be able to select items on the map and export their locations directly from your desktop computer to your phone using Google Maps. This means you can effortlessly plan your daily routes, optimise scheduling, and improve your daily efficiency - Here is a sneak peak.

8. Certification Requirement for Items being Signed Out.

Implement a certification requirement for item sign-out, ensuring users possess necessary qualifications before assuming responsibility for specific items.

9. New Item Status: 'Out of Service'.

Enhance tracking with the addition of 'Out of Service' status, ensuring better visibility in maps view for temporarily unavailable or maintenance-bound items.

10. Item Type: Compulsory Actions.

Empower companies to define item-specific checklists, influencing status until completion, enhancing control and efficiency in item creation and re-activation.

11. Improved Conditional Checklists (More If-then Logic).

Enhance checklist efficiency with conditional logic, tailoring questions based on previous responses for dynamic and focused data collection.

12. Tailored Language: Company Specific Terms.

Customise safety terms ('Safe,' 'Unsafe,' and 'Alert') to align with company and industry preferences for enhanced relevance and clarity.

EZICHEQ is dedicated to making your job easier and more efficient. With these powerful updates, we aim to significantly improve your operations, boost productivity, and simplify management.

Join the revolution and unlock the full potential of your job site and asset management with EZICHEQ.


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