Revolutionising Scaffolding Inspections: Introducing EZITAG

Introducing EZITAG, a visual tag that communicates the status of structures like never before. Simply scan to reveal all site information and to conduct digital inspections for managing compliance - the perfect solution for scaffolding and construction industry. ‍

Introducing EZITAG

EZITAG is a cardless audit system that communicates the structure's status like never before. Say goodbye to lost cards and lost data and say hello to cloud-based inspections and auditing processes, accessed from your laptop or smart device.

Cardless Digital Auditing:

- Create custom checklists or browse the library for industry  recommended checklists.

- Add multiple checklists for different types of checks.

- Scan to begin the digital inspection. Add photos, notes, location, and timestamp to create evidence based records.

- Set alerts for failed checks to action remediation processes.

- Monitor daily, weekly and monthly checks to keeping track  of inspection schedules.

- Access site and check information instantly anywhere, anytime.

Easy Information Access:

- Your all-in-one hub for checks  and compliance records.

- Add multiple PDF files: H&S documentation, Engineered Drawings, Load Assessments etc.

- Choose information to be public or secure, accessed with user credentials only.

- Easily prove ‘fit for purpose’ with any smart device.

Safety in Transparency:

- Boost transparency with clients, main contractors and auditors.

- Empower contractors to conduct daily safety checks and loop feedback.

By embracing EZICHEQ and integrating the EZITAG solution, customers in the construction and scaffolding industry receive recurring benefits from:

1. Improved Efficiency

Drastically reduce the expenditure of time, money, and resources with EZICHEQ’s streamlined processes. Administration of paperwork and site management is a breeze.

2. Cost Savings

Bid farewell to the reoccurring costs incurred by paper-based audits, lost tags, time spent on reporting and filing hundreds of weekly inspections.

3. Increased Revenue

Present crystal-clear inspections and auditing services to clients, setting the stage for increased trust and transparency, ultimately driving revenue upwards from optimised inspections, reporting as well as automated invoicing upon completion of a weekly scaffolding inspection.

4. Data Security

Wave goodbye to data loss from audits or lost tags, safeguard all data/checks and effortlessly demonstrate compliance and reducing liability. 

5. Adding Value to Clients

Empower clients to work with you as a business. Give third party access to EZICHEQ to conduct 'Self-Checks,' thereby taking charge of site compliance and fostering workplace safety. Set-up divisions for major clients to access multiple site information via the dashboard. Add important PDF files such as Engineering documentation for special builds. The EZITAG makes the handover process smooth and easy.

5. Manage Temporary Works With Ease

EZITAG integration has significantly improved Temporary Works management, simplifying decision-making and promoting transparency. With a central access point for information, safety checks are streamlined, reducing data loss and enhancing collaboration. EZICHEQ serves as a hub for safety data, transitioning from paper-based to digital systems. Our solution benefits partners and clients, now accessible to the wider community, aiming to advance safety and efficiency in construction.

Our purpose at EZICHEQ is twofold: to provide you with a comprehensive solution for managing staff, jobs, and structures, and above all, to ensure the safety of all individuals involved in construction sites. While the traditional paper-based tag systems have served the industry well, EZICHEQ offers scaffolding businesses an opportunity to embrace a more simple, cost effective digital solution to help make compliance easier, reduce risks, and elevate the standards of safety. 

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