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Transform inspection data into actionable insights.

A versatile and customisable platform, EZICHEQ utilises digital inspections to manage assets and compliance.
Simplify everyday audits and safety management while keeping tabs on every asset with ease.

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Three-in-One Solution. Every Industry Covered.

Digital Inspections

Create custom checklists, add photos and notes, and produce automated reports. Digitise the management of assets and compliance without the burden of paperwork.

Asset Managment

Know where your items are, their condition, and maintenance history in real-time. No more manual tracking. Effortlessly manage an accurate asset register.  

Compliance Management

Keep accurate records, set alerts for checks, and stay organised effortlessly. Say goodbye to paperwork and manage compliance with ease.

Our Partners

Our partners are a mix of large enterprise and SME customers. EZICHEQ is an adaptable, scalable and versatile solution for any industry.


EZICHEQ is an adaptable solution for any business that is looking to streamline processes and digitise paperwork.  

Alerts & Reminders
Asset Management
Automate Reporting
Client Management
Compliance Management
Create Custom Checklists
Digital Inspections & Auditing
Scheduling & Planning
EZICHEQ Application


The Platform.

EZICHEQ empowers small businesses and enterprise customers a way to streamline compliance, enhance performance, and elevate safety. Our cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly, offering real-time insights accessible on any type of smart device.

Complete Oversight

EZICHEQ Application

Management Tool
For Oversight.

Empower management with EZICHEQ's real-time insights, bridging field and office seamlessly. Ensure streamlined processes and proactive risk mitigation. Track operations, safety checks, equipment status, and staff certifications effortlessly. Gain comprehensive oversight of assets for full visibility and efficient management.

Complete Oversight
Track operations, checks, and equipment status effortlessly with EZICHEQ's complete oversight.

Insights & Trends
Gain valuable live data insights, including proactive risk mitigation for safety checks.

Manage Items
Easily oversee and access comprehensive item details, from jobsite assets to equipment.

User Management
Effortlessly manage staff certifications and training statuses with automatic reminders for seamless compliance.

Asset Registry
Gain a comprehensive overview of all business-owned assets. Track the whereabouts, current status, movements, and more for every item, ensuring full visibility and efficient management.
EZICHEQ Application

Custom Checklists
Powerful Workflows.

Craft tailored digital audits effortlessly with EZICHEQ's customizable checklists. Ensure consistency, clarity, and thoroughness with standardised frameworks, simplifying data collection and reporting.

Checklist BuilderCreate responsive checklists in minutes for inspections, maintenance, or diagnostics.

Dynamic Checklists
Employ conditional logic for responsive tasks.

Alerts & Reminders
Set alerts for remediation or failed checks.

Extensive Library
Access a variety of industry-recommended checklists for operational needs.
EZICHEQ Application

Centralised Access
Attach Documents

EZICHEQ serves as a central hub for crucial item documentation. Attach PDFs, photos, and notes, monitoring records effortlessly.

Item Dashboards
Access an items overview with regard to safety status, check history, movements in locations and much more.

Attach PDF's
Link various types of documentation to items. From instructions, site plans, user guides, receipts, to compliance details and more.

Progress Photos & Notes
Monitor status, damage, and job progress with photos and notes.
Select the items on a map. Export directions from EZICHEQ straight through to your smart phone with Google Maps

Tasks & Scheduling Simplified.

EZICHEQ's maps tool offers a bird's-eye view, enhancing visibility and accountability for managing assets, jobsites, and equipment. Prioritize checks with the traffic light system, while efficient task management and route planning ensure seamless operations.

Traffic Lights
Easily distinguish items that have been recently checked, updated, and or overdue with the traffic light system. Green indicates safe, while red signifies critical items, giving you instant clarity on the status of your items.

Task Management
Plan your daily checks and tasks with ease. Easily access an overview of required checks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and operations run smoothly.

Route Planning
Select multiple items on the map to quickly find the best route for the day. Export location directly to google maps for added convenience.
Select the items on a map. Export directions from EZICHEQ straight through to your smart phone with Google Maps

Automated ReportingNo More Paperwork.

Streamline your reporting process with EZICHEQ's automated reports, saving time, money, and resources. Easily generate custom reports using our intuitive filters, tailoring them to your specific needs such as item types, check types, and safety statuses.

Automated Reports
Save time and resources by automating report generation.

Unlimited Data
Store all your data securely without worrying about storage limits.

Export Reports
Easily export reports in multiple formats like PDFs and CSV for convenient sharing and analysis.

Personalised Branding
Enhance your brand identity by adding personalized branding to your reports for a professional touch.

Select the items on a map. Export directions from EZICHEQ straight through to your smart phone with Google Maps

Data Security &

At EZICHEQ, your privacy is paramount. We adhere to New Zealand Privacy Principles, ensuring your data remains protected with advanced encryption. Your information belongs to you; we provide tailored access and unlimited records. SSL certification guarantees maximum security, safeguarding your data across all interactions.

Data Protection
Maintain accurate data and provide tailored access, distinguishing between public and user credentials. Segmented by user roles and administration access for enhanced security.

User Management
Role-specific access ensures detailed information availability, catering to varying user needs. Additionally, information can be selectively shared with the public or restricted to authorized users for enhanced data control.

SSL Certified
EZICHEQ operates over SSL encrypted connections, prioritising maximum data security.
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