Transform your digital inspections into actionable insights with EZICHEQ.

Our comprehensive platform seamlessly integrates digital inspections, asset management, and compliance, offering a simple yet powerful tool for everyday audits and safety management.


Our partners are a mix of large enterprise and SME customers. EZICHEQ is adaptable and versatile for any industry.


From construction to education to the dynamic fields of building compliance, maintenance, hire, and service-based industries.
EZICHEQ is an adaptable solution for any business that is looking to streamline processes and digitise paperwork.  

Alerts & Reminders

Alerts & Reminders

Asset Management

Asset Management

Automate Reporting

Automate Reporting

Client Management

Client Management

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Create Custom Checklists

Create Custom Checklists

Digital Inspections & Auditing

Digital Inspections & Auditing

Scheduling & Planning

Scheduling & Planning


We empower management to take notice.
Our real-time data and insights support informed, on-the-go decisions with noticing what is happening, and more importantly what is not.

Foster a safety first culture within the workplace as well as effectively manage job sites, company assets, and much more.  


Simply scan an EZICHEQ smart label to access vital information and to trigger checklist based workflows.
EZICHEQ then gathers your data from everyday operational checklists to give you key insights and trends.

EZICHEQ becomes your all-in-one solution for managing health & safety, risk management, and compliance for any type of workplace item such as job sites, buildings, equipment, and assets.

It is simple and easy to get started.
Try our 14 day free trial and learn how to use the EZICHEQ platform.



Scan and conduct checks. Use a smart phone to take photos and add notes for evidence based records.

Create your very own checklist that can be used to trigger company based processes and workflows.

Custom Checklist Builder.
Easily create individual checklists within a few minutes.  

Dynamic Conditional Checklists.
Use conditional logic to create dynamic checklists based on if/then logic. Show, hide and control tasks based on values entered or selected to make the checklist more responsive.  

Over 80+ Checklist Templates.
Select an existing checklist from our extensive library and edit them for your requirements.

Notifications & Reminders.
Use if-then logic to set custom alerts and notifications for set answers to trigger warnings and to action remediation processes.

Schedules & Users.
Schedule and or assign inspections to selected users. Never let inspections slip through the cracks again.


A central hub to access crucial documentation by tagging information to specific items or job sites.

Attach PDF Documentation.
Effortlessly add documents from instructions, user guides, compliance details like structured engineered drawings, health and safety information, WorkSafe GPG assessments and more to your items.

Progress Photos.
Track progress with daily, weekly and monthly photos to show development.

Safety & Compliance History.
Assign custom pre-start or general safety checks. A simple and secure process that eliminates risks associated with data loss, safety lapses, and or user errors for items, equipment and job sites during operation.

task management &
scheduling simplified.

Select the items on a map. Export directions from EZICHEQ straight through to your smart phone with Google Maps

A birds-eye view of all your items such as;  job sites, equipment and assets, accessible on a user-friendly interface.

Flexible Filters.
Easily toggle and filter your items by item type, status, or categories. Additional filters have been added for further refinement, ensuring you find exactly what you need with ease.

Traffic Lights.
Easily distinguish items that have been recently checked, updated, and or overdue with the traffic light system. Green indicates safe, while red signifies critical items, giving you instant clarity on the status of your items.

Planning & Scheduling Routes.
Select multiple items on the map to quickly find the best route for the day. Export location directly to google maps for added convenience.


Create automated reports from your operational checklists to save you significant time, money and resources.

Automated Reports
EZICHEQ filters allow you to generate custom automated reports with ease. Filter between item types, the types of checks and safety status and more.  

Generate Insights
Generate insights from implemented checklists on various item types. Monitor and measure areas of concern with ease.

Custom Branding
Add custom logos to all generated reports for a more professional look.

Export Reports
Export reports for stakeholders as PDF or CSV files. API the entire process to send a copy of the report and an invoice to clients.

Accurate Data & Records
Store and collect accurate data from your very own standardised checklists and process. All data is stored safely on the EZICHEQ cloud server and records can be accessed anytime.

Tailored Access &
Data Security.

Keep accurate data and provide tailored access for public, users, and clients alike.

Users can see detailed information for their role specific requirements, while public and clients can access what's relevant to them.

It's all about security, privacy, and flexibility in one place.


At EZICHEQ, we are committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with New Zealand Privacy Principles.
Customer data and inspection-related information are protected with advanced encryption algorithms.
EZICHEQ is SSL certified and operates exclusively over SSL encrypted connections to ensure maximum data security.
We respect your data privacy. It's your information, your decisions, it belongs to you.


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